Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have been alive for 2 decades.


TODAY is my 20th BIRTHDAY ! !
Owh i have been grown up too much. haha.
Lets say bye to 1x ! !
Lets say bye to your youth !
Welcome to the 2x ! !
Well, for me the journey just begin....

I would like to thanx to my fbians for the cute and beautiful wishes. Deeply from my heart, i'm reallyy appreaciate it. Yeah i know, sapa sapa saja boleh wish kat Fb but u know, for me its not easy for someone come to our profile and post something that are really meaningful to the owner unless u guys are very popular lah. I'm just ordinary girls that appreaciate all those wishes. I'll try my best to reply all.
Again, Thank you, Terima Kasih, Arigato, Syukran, Kamsahamida, Muchas Gracias, Xiexie !

truly from me..


  1. hepy belated bfday azni...
    sorry lmbt,,aq x tw,,
    deactvate fb jp..