Wednesday, September 24, 2014



I love the feeling visiting mosque. Its unique. Its kind of pure feel when we're inside the mosque and performing salat. Subhanallah. Indeed Islam is most beautiful religion. We should dig in more to find the beauty of Islam.

Location : Masjid Zahir, Alor Setar.

Among the 4th most beautiful mosque in the world. To perform zuh'r prayer is such an opportunity to me. I love the design, the environment itself. I found calmness. Hoping to travel the world and visits all the beautiful mosque. InsyaAllah.

Till next time
-Azni Zuhaini-

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Of Mistakes And Feeling


Today I came to work as usual. 8.00 O' clock in the morning. Gosh Monday blues seems never been apart from me. I should do something to overcome it. I have read somewhere in article. About ways to reduce Monday blues is through planning something over the weekend so you'll get excited going thru the weeks.

Well back to the topic, There's this sister in my work place and she's just got married few weeks ago. Today, she came back after her holiday. MasyaAllah, I could tell how happy she is after getting married. 

The way she's telling me her honeymoon trip makes me think how beautiful married life is.
I know Allah will send me the right man in the right time. InsyaAllah, will keep my faith stronger to Him.
I have been thinking something lately. Astagfirullah. I shouldn't have this kind of feeling.

I should be more ikhlas in the words that I utter. 
Be more ikhlas in whatever I am giving.

I makes mistakes. Every time I made it. It draws me closer to Allah. Indeed mistakes is the best teacher. No I am not saying I afraid to fall in love. Its just that I might gives my heart to the wrong person and getting hurt again and again. Consequently, I've decided to give my heart to the Almighty and to put hopes toward Him so I won't get hurt once again.

In the meantime, I should improved myself to became a better muslimah. InsyaAllah. I want to live my life and dreams. Be good to others and gives more.

[In the nature of things,] corrupt women are for corrupt men, and corrupt men, for corrupt women - just as good women are for good men, and good men, for good women. [Since God is aware that] these are innocent of all that evil tongues may impute to them, forgiveness of sins shall be theirs, and a most excellent sustenance! - an-Nur 24:26

Till next time
-Azni Zuhaini-

Monday, September 22, 2014

Reclaim Our Heart

“We must also realize that nothing happens without a purpose. Nothing. Not even broken hearts. Not even pain. That broken heart and that pain are lessons and signs for us. They are warnings that something is wrong. They are warnings that we need to make a change. Just like the pain of being burned is what warns us to remove our hand from the fire, emotional pain warns us that we need to make an internal change. We need to detach. Pain is a form of forced detachment. Like the loved one who hurts you again and again and again, the more dunya hurts us, the more we inevitably detach from it. The more we inevitably stop loving it.” 

- Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart -

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog since 2010


It is almost 4 years of blogging.
Since 2010.

I still remember when this blog were first created. Its not my intend to blog but back then I was accidentally said  to my friend  that I have one. Kinda act to fit into the circle when blogspot were in trend at that times.

Since I was overreacted to my friend's question and she want to read my blog. Thus, nothing I can do rather than created one.

Occasionally, I am working on deleting some older post. Peoples changed, so do I. It takes a bit of time removing all those childish post and I am laughing my butt off all night editing and discarding some unnecessary post. Teen years !

To sum it up, I'm not a good writer at first even now. Hoping to learns more about writing skill and languages because I love to share things about my life and will continue writing until I have my own family.


Till next time,
Have a good sleep,
-Azni Zuhaini-

Friday, September 19, 2014



Life flow of each person sometimes is so easy and some maybe hard. They get what they want without getting any difficulties. Mine at first is easy, I wanted to study at boarding school and I've got it even a bit late as 4th intake student but still I am grateful to be offered as a science student. Then I am pursuing studies at my favorite university to learn more about chemistry.

Hence I could've said my life is easy but the journey of my love story are tough. I have been through relationship that takes a lot of tears. 

Once in while I was thinking why this is all happening to me why am I being choose to go through this kind of hardship why I not received any happiness that I want like anyone else did.

Yet, I know Allah plan are way better than mine.
And not always we get what we want. At times I feels that it is the best for me and he should be mine but once Allah said no means there is someone who are better than him that has been waiting for me and all I can do is keep praying and be patient because good things come to those who sab'r.

I will take it as a part of life experiences. He has found his happiness and I'll always pray for him to be happy with his life even its more than word utters. I am not move on or stuck with the past it just that I am devoted  person. When I love, I love with all my heart and when I have no choice but to let it go, my hearts bleeds and it hurts so deep. Can't even describe how painful it was. I don't want to go the same thing anymore. Not anymore. This could be the last. 

I pray that I can keep my love for the one who really deserves it someday. To my husband to be precise. 

To the man whom I will marry one day,
I will keep my love just for you
Hoping that I can love you because of Allah.
Lets find the path in our du'a.

Till next time

-Azni Zuhaini-

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My status


Its Friday, have you read Al-Kahfi today ?
Me. I'll try to finish by tomorrow InsyaAllah.

I've been questioned a lot about my status lately. When i answered the question, some are not believed and some are wonder why I am still single. Actually to tell the truth, I've been single for a quite long time. 

I believe Allah has a better plan for me.
I will hold on to what I have hold on to before.

Being a 23-year old single single lady is ain't easy. Some of my friends already married, some were about to off market and few are having kids. Frankly speaking, I am jealous seeing they have found their happiness to be loved by someone. 

Back to the first, the answer should be I am nobody's until I've become someone's wife. I convinced Allah will send me my spouse when He knows I am all ready.

Till next time,
-Azni Zuhaini-

Monday, September 15, 2014

First post of 2014


Sekarang dah bukan zaman kegemilangan blogging. Last update May tahun lepas. Ok tak mau marah diri sendiri, memang ambil keputusan nak privatekan blog ni atas sebab sebab tertentu. Dalam masa tu tengah nak mencari diri sendiri lagi, banyak yang jadi takpe yang baik kita ingat yang tak baik kita jadikan sempadan dan ambik pengajaran supaya benda benda macam tu tak jadi lagi. Things happen for a reason.

Well aku dah grad pada tahun lepas so kira kira balik dah nak dekat setahun pun aku grad dan alhamdulillah dah kerja almost 7 bulan di sebuah company pharmaceuticals sebagai seorang chemist.

Dan the best thing is tempat kerja aku hanya tambah-tolak-traffic-light hanyalah 10 minit dari rumah.  Dedulu masa aku zaman remaja sekolah menengah aku selalu berangan bila duduk dengan family, ada bilik sendiri, tempat kerja dekat rumah boleh spent time dengan family, kawan kawan . Those kind imaginary things masa zaman muda remaja. ( Ehem sekarang pun muda lagi oke ) Lol

Sebab dulu aku sekolah asrama dari form 1 sampai form 5 pastu matrik pastu masuk u so tak dak masa nak ada feel heyy I have my own room yang boleh decorate sendiri, kalau bersepah pon takde orang marah.

Starting 2014 aku sangat lah tak best sebab masa hujung tahun lepas something happened. Lepastu masa awal tahun tuh involved dengan eksident. Memang permulaan yang tak memberi semangat langsung. Tapi lama lama aku dah okay sebenarnya benda benda macam tu lah yang bagi kita masa untuk tenangkan diri dan fikir balik baik buruk sesuatu tuh. Indeed Allah knows the best =')

Aku tak tau nak delete atau tak post yang lama lama nih. Biarlah dulu kan.

Till next time,
-Azni Zuhaini-