Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 Resolution


Oh my I'm just gonna kill myself. I almost forgot I own a blog !!!

Ok let me pendekkan cerita what happened from my last update up till now (Its has been a year !! gosh)

Obviously I'm already

with my suka-senyap-senyap-crush-suka-tapi-in-denial-state-tapi sebenarnya-suka haha

11 March 2016 ;')
and another things is I am


7 Months Pregnant !!

and if you could notice the differences between those two picture is that my skin become so glomy ever since I am pregnent.

So here to a new azam !! Hahaha.

Later la another update.

Till then.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

That time when I was sick.

They said when we get some illness it was a kiffarah for all the sins that we had. To wash away the black dots and leave all the white paper. Pureness.

Whenever I get sick, having fever namely. It is always that I was away from my family. I still remember back in my hostel life. When I was in form 3. My friend forced me to stay at sickbay because she said I was having bad fever but I still feel I'm ok. I bet I don't even know that I was sick. The moment when I sleep I started to feel the heat from my body. Shievering a lil bit.

And during my university days. I still remember that I always ulang alik from klinik pergigian usm as i have a toothache. Affect from that, I always had a fever. Had to take porriage for few weeks. Luckily I have my bfftj who always took care of me. How I miss her ��

But all of that wouldn't happend if I am with my family. So, they tought that I am very strong. Now, I was having fever since yesterday.

Hmm I guess there's someone special who is far away from me :'(
Please know that I miss u ..

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello post


How was it doin guys ? *Hipsters much* =.="

Its already 12th of Ramadhan (sorry if I was wrong, still in my ovulation time that I didn't count) and that means almost two months I've been away from this site. Actually, I'm not going anywhere still here doing the same routine. I swear to you I do write but it end up as a drafts. lol

(1 hour later figuring what to write next .....)


Let me share something with you. I was preparing for another phase of life and its required a lot of preparation. Didn't expect that it would come to this far but I believe that Allah's plan verily is the best. Tho we still have lot more to settle but please pray so that this is the best for us both especially sempena bulan yang baik ni. May Allah ease everything. Ameen Ya Rabb.

I really want to update my blog as frequent as possible but lately I realized that my free time is so precious that I want to spent with family or just sleep haha but no worries this blog is my time capsule. I will write something that worth sharing so that my kids later boleh baca. hiks

Till then ok.
Much love,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Bila bercakap soal ikhlas ni susah sebenarnya nak huraikan sebab perasaan ikhlas tu datang dari dalam hati sendiri. Tapi sifat ikhlas ni mengambarkan akhlak kita. Ustaz Pahrol Juoi pernah cakap tiket untuk ke syurga ada dua. Taqwa dan akhlak.

Taqwa = Hubungan kita dengan Allah
Akhlak = Hubungan kita dengan Manusia.

It wasn't my intention to act like ustazah. I'm still learning and still eager to improved myself cuma aku terpanggil nak berkongsi rasa, I'm not like others yang selalu let out their thought of marah or sedih di Instagram or Facebook. For me, it defines who you are actually. Lagi baik kalau kita mendoakan orang yang kita marah-marah kan or sedih-sedihkan tu kan ? :)

Sabar dan Ikhlas.


I learnt a lot actually,

Teringat tulisan dalam buku yang pernah dibaca. Setiap ujian yang Allah datangkan itu. Allah sedang berbicara dengan kita tentang apa itu sabar dan ikhlas kerana sabar dan ikhlas itu adalah Islam. At the end, it will worth it, InshaAllah.

To share with you something that happened in my life recently for me it is so unreal haha but I hope Allah SWT will ease this journey and will have a reaaalyy good ending. InshaAllah Ameen Ya Rabbal Al Ameen.

Till then,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Treating Others


2 months ? Almost. 

You know I have so much thought to write but at the end I end up sleeping. Haha.
In the meantime, moment that broke my heart the most is I lost my favorite watch until now tak beli beli lagi yang baru. T.T


Sometimes we can judge people the way they treat others kan ? Yasmin Mohaged once said that look at his/her character. How one treats or care about another human being. That determines a lot one's level of Imaan. Not his/her outer look. Couldn't agree more.

For men, please know the limit when treating your girl friends. Don't ever give harapan if you don't have any plan with them. Never toy with others feeling. Who knows situasi macam tu boleh berbalik kat kita or if not pun it will happen to peoples that we love. Maybe our lil sis or lil bro ? I have seen the cases. Its kifarah. 

So please do good to others. Allah pun suruh kita jaga hubungan sesama manusia kan but please never ever take granted on one's kindness. Please ! Our prophet Muhammad SAW treats women dengan sangat baik so that means betapa istimewanya seorang wanita ni. Mashallah ;')

I'm not good in selfiee with tudung labuh, niqab or lilit-lilit with a good and inspiring caption in Instagram, I'm just someone yang still lacking here's and there's. Masih lagi dahagakan ilmu.

I have made one of the biggest decision in my life which is definitely not kawen lagi haha tapi it is a keputusan on buying A CAR ! Say hi to Ifti Liyana haha.

I better sleep now. Not feeling really well these days maybe sebab cuaca.
Till then,
Love ..

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Page 365 of 365


Today marks the last day of the year.
How was your 2014 so far ? 

Fuhh I could finally breath. 

You know, being busy is sometimes good we get to forgot things that made us sad but when you're busy and suddenly you know something that made you sad is different. Exactly you just want to leave all the works and cried hardly. I could say these past few weeks is quite a hectic for me. Tons of works at lab and I have to finish by end of this month but that's alright because that is part of my responsibility.

There's a day when I have lotsa works and tetiba macam datang bad news bertimpa-timpa. I couldn't take it anymore and all I can do is cried. For the first time I can't handle the stress well. After a moment, I quickly Istighfar and keep talking to myself that Allah is all knowing. He knows the best and who're we to judge Allah takdir kan ? :)

Every part of where you are now is part of His divine plan. There's always a reason why Allah has put you in this journey and why Allah made some people come and passed by in your life. Always. It just takes us untuk pikiaq ja. It doesn't made me an angel to write like this but you know lets just go back to basic. Betapa baiknya Allah kepada kita. Subhanallah :')

Year 2014 had opened my eyes to see whats awaits me in front, What are worth to put effort for. It taught me to be more patient and more positive in future. Life is ain't easy but if we have gut to majukan diri, put effort into it. Allah counts and may He ease everything. 

Another thing is to train yourself to see the good in people. Stop judging others or just keep judging to yourself. Sometimes kita ni especially perempuan la mula ayat "Eee dia kenapa eh .. blaa bla" "Aku tengok dia tu .. bla .. bla.." " Aku rasa dia tu.. bla bla..". Dear, judging others does not define who they are, it defines who you are. Who knows maybe dia lagi baik dari kita. Bersangka baik or they said husnozzon.

Few more minutes before 2015 and I guess this is my first post of the year. May Allah SWT brings us more happiness, strengthen our Imaan and keep us Istiqamah. InshaAllah.

Hmm 24 ..
Well age is just a number. Hehe

Till then,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Coretan dari Hati


Ok, now where I want to start. Well nothing much happened to my life lately cuma sekarang musim perkhawinan. Kiri kanan bercakap pasal khawin and what do you expect for a 23 years old lady to feel like. Of course, I want to get married too ! Haha

But I know the time will come and fall in the right time with the right person. Insha'Allah, for now I'm preparing to improved myself. Planning for a better future dari banyak segi. I'm applying a new job and at the same time for my master degree. Insha'Allah semoga Allah permudahkan dan ditunjukkan mana yang terbaik. Ameen Ya Rabb.



Kadang-kadang manusia ni cepat berubah hati apabila melihat sesuatu yang sempurna di matanya. Tapi kadang-kadang manusia jugak lupa nak berfikir yang diri sendiri cukup layakkah, setarafkah. Apa diri ini juga sempurna seperti sesempurnanya dia. Teringat kata-kata Prof. Muhaya. Kita akan menarik sesorang berdasarkan magnet apa yang ada pada diri kita. Contoh, kalau kita nak orang yang baik, kita kenalah berubah menjadi baik dan begitulah sebaliknya.

Tapi takut juga andai diri ini terlalu cepat menilai orang. Siapa tahu, orang yang kita tengok berpakaian biasa-biasa saja mungkin imannya lebih kuat dari kita. Kita tak tahu hati orang. Dalam erti kata "tak tahu" itu bermaksud kita ni tak tahu apa-apa pun maka jangan terlalu cepat 'judge' orang. Sebab itu, orang tua-tua kata tak kenal maka tak cinta. 

Seperti ku, dahulu mungkin kesilapan aku sendiri apabila terlalu menyerahkan hati ini untuk seseorang. Tapi manusia mana yang tidak membuat kesilapan. Bahkan aku ingin sekali berterima kasih dengannya, sekurang-kurangnya ini pengajaran untuk aku lebih matang dalam berfikir dan sebahagian dari pengalaman hidup. Maka, kini aku lebih berhati-hati dalam berkawan dan menuturkan kata-kata. Maaf seandainya aku tidak banyak berkongsi tentang diri sendiri kerana ada yang bertanya kenapa masih sendiri sehingga kini. Apa dirimu begitu memilih sekali. 

Aku sendiri tidak ada jawapan kepada itu. Aku tidak memilih tapi aku cuma berharap agar satu hari nanti aku dapat menikahi sesorang yang aku cintai walaupun sehingga saat ini aku masih belum tahu siapa lagi. Bagi aku 

" To be loved by someone you love is blessing,
   But to marry someone you love is a greater blessing. "

Thus, please Allah SWT in everything we do. Insha'Allah it will worth the wait. 

Aku sendiri sedang melatih diri untuk lebih banyak bersabar. Aku tidak menegaskan yang diri ini takut untuk bercinta. Bagi aku, perasaan cinta, suka dan sayang itu fitrah manusia. Rasa hati ini susah untuk kawal. Mungkin mulut boleh berbicara tapi hati tak boleh untuk menipu perasaan sendiri. Cuma terpulang pada diri sendiri bagaimana harus menguruskannya tetapi yang pasti sentiasa utamakan cinta Allah. 

Mungkin ada yang bertanya. Apa ada seseorang yang singgah di hati tatkala ini ?

Terus terang aku katakan. Mungkin ya mungkin juga tidak kerana aku sendiri takut kalau-kalau diri ini salah mentafsir hati sendiri. Kerana hati manusia ini sifatnya berbolak-balik. Takut kalau mata hanya nampak dia sahaja dan tidak nampak kebaikan orang lain.  

Maka --

Apa yang aku ada hanya.
Doa sebagai kata-kata.
Zikir sebagai vitamin hati dikala lara.
Istikharah sebagai pengubat jiwa. 

Aku tinggalkan sedikit petikan dari kata-kata Saidina Ali bin  Abi Talib.

" Cintailah kekasihmu sekadarnya saja, siapa tahu nanti menjadi musuhmu dan bencilah musuhmu sekadarnya sahaja siapa tahu nanti menjadi kekasihmu " - Saidina Ali bin  Abi Talib