Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Today marks the last day of the year.
How was your 2014 so far ? 

Fuhh I could finally breath. 

You know, being busy is sometimes good we get to forgot things that made us sad but when you're busy and suddenly you know something that made you sad is different. Exactly you just want to leave all the works and cried hardly. I could say these past few weeks is quite a hectic for me. Tons of works at lab and I have to finish by end of this month but that's alright because that is part of my responsibility.

There's a day when I have lotsa works and tetiba macam datang bad news bertimpa-timpa. I couldn't take it anymore and all I can do is cried. For the first time I can't handle the stress well. After a moment, I quickly Istighfar and keep talking to myself that Allah is all knowing. He knows the best and who're we to judge Allah takdir kan ? :)

Every part of where you are now is part of His divine plan. There's always a reason why Allah has put you in this journey and why Allah made some people come and passed by in your life. Always. It just takes us untuk pikiaq ja. It doesn't made me an angel to write like this but you know lets just go back to basic. Betapa baiknya Allah kepada kita. Subhanallah :')

Year 2014 had opened my eyes to see whats awaits me in front, What are worth to put effort for. It taught me to be more patient and more positive in future. Life is ain't easy but if we have gut to majukan diri, put effort into it. Allah counts and may He ease everything. 

Another thing is to train yourself to see the good in people. Stop judging others or just keep judging to yourself. Sometimes kita ni especially perempuan la mula ayat "Eee dia kenapa eh .. blaa bla" "Aku tengok dia tu .. bla .. bla.." " Aku rasa dia tu.. bla bla..". Dear, judging others does not define who they are, it defines who you are. Who knows maybe dia lagi baik dari kita. Bersangka baik or they said husnozzon.

Few more minutes before 2015 and I guess this is my first post of the year. May Allah SWT brings us more happiness, strengthen our Imaan and keep us Istiqamah. InshaAllah.

Hmm 24 ..
Well age is just a number. Hehe

Till then,

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