Thursday, February 26, 2015

Treating Others


2 months ? Almost. 

You know I have so much thought to write but at the end I end up sleeping. Haha.
In the meantime, moment that broke my heart the most is I lost my favorite watch until now tak beli beli lagi yang baru. T.T


Sometimes we can judge people the way they treat others kan ? Yasmin Mohaged once said that look at his/her character. How one treats or care about another human being. That determines a lot one's level of Imaan. Not his/her outer look. Couldn't agree more.

For men, please know the limit when treating your girl friends. Don't ever give harapan if you don't have any plan with them. Never toy with others feeling. Who knows situasi macam tu boleh berbalik kat kita or if not pun it will happen to peoples that we love. Maybe our lil sis or lil bro ? I have seen the cases. Its kifarah. 

So please do good to others. Allah pun suruh kita jaga hubungan sesama manusia kan but please never ever take granted on one's kindness. Please ! Our prophet Muhammad SAW treats women dengan sangat baik so that means betapa istimewanya seorang wanita ni. Mashallah ;')

I'm not good in selfiee with tudung labuh, niqab or lilit-lilit with a good and inspiring caption in Instagram, I'm just someone yang still lacking here's and there's. Masih lagi dahagakan ilmu.

I have made one of the biggest decision in my life which is definitely not kawen lagi haha tapi it is a keputusan on buying A CAR ! Say hi to Ifti Liyana haha.

I better sleep now. Not feeling really well these days maybe sebab cuaca.
Till then,
Love ..

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