Thursday, December 3, 2015

That time when I was sick.

They said when we get some illness it was a kiffarah for all the sins that we had. To wash away the black dots and leave all the white paper. Pureness.

Whenever I get sick, having fever namely. It is always that I was away from my family. I still remember back in my hostel life. When I was in form 3. My friend forced me to stay at sickbay because she said I was having bad fever but I still feel I'm ok. I bet I don't even know that I was sick. The moment when I sleep I started to feel the heat from my body. Shievering a lil bit.

And during my university days. I still remember that I always ulang alik from klinik pergigian usm as i have a toothache. Affect from that, I always had a fever. Had to take porriage for few weeks. Luckily I have my bfftj who always took care of me. How I miss her ��

But all of that wouldn't happend if I am with my family. So, they tought that I am very strong. Now, I was having fever since yesterday.

Hmm I guess there's someone special who is far away from me :'(
Please know that I miss u ..

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