Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello post


How was it doin guys ? *Hipsters much* =.="

Its already 12th of Ramadhan (sorry if I was wrong, still in my ovulation time that I didn't count) and that means almost two months I've been away from this site. Actually, I'm not going anywhere still here doing the same routine. I swear to you I do write but it end up as a drafts. lol

(1 hour later figuring what to write next .....)


Let me share something with you. I was preparing for another phase of life and its required a lot of preparation. Didn't expect that it would come to this far but I believe that Allah's plan verily is the best. Tho we still have lot more to settle but please pray so that this is the best for us both especially sempena bulan yang baik ni. May Allah ease everything. Ameen Ya Rabb.

I really want to update my blog as frequent as possible but lately I realized that my free time is so precious that I want to spent with family or just sleep haha but no worries this blog is my time capsule. I will write something that worth sharing so that my kids later boleh baca. hiks

Till then ok.
Much love,

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