Thursday, September 18, 2014

My status


Its Friday, have you read Al-Kahfi today ?
Me. I'll try to finish by tomorrow InsyaAllah.

I've been questioned a lot about my status lately. When i answered the question, some are not believed and some are wonder why I am still single. Actually to tell the truth, I've been single for a quite long time. 

I believe Allah has a better plan for me.
I will hold on to what I have hold on to before.

Being a 23-year old single single lady is ain't easy. Some of my friends already married, some were about to off market and few are having kids. Frankly speaking, I am jealous seeing they have found their happiness to be loved by someone. 

Back to the first, the answer should be I am nobody's until I've become someone's wife. I convinced Allah will send me my spouse when He knows I am all ready.

Till next time,
-Azni Zuhaini-

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  1. masanya akan tiba. yg penting jangan terlalu meletakkan target pasangan.