Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog since 2010


It is almost 4 years of blogging.
Since 2010.

I still remember when this blog were first created. Its not my intend to blog but back then I was accidentally said  to my friend  that I have one. Kinda act to fit into the circle when blogspot were in trend at that times.

Since I was overreacted to my friend's question and she want to read my blog. Thus, nothing I can do rather than created one.

Occasionally, I am working on deleting some older post. Peoples changed, so do I. It takes a bit of time removing all those childish post and I am laughing my butt off all night editing and discarding some unnecessary post. Teen years !

To sum it up, I'm not a good writer at first even now. Hoping to learns more about writing skill and languages because I love to share things about my life and will continue writing until I have my own family.


Till next time,
Have a good sleep,
-Azni Zuhaini-


  1. samalah kita..saya pun start blogging 2010 !!

  2. tak ingat bila berblog.kejap malap lambat nak bersinar..