Friday, September 19, 2014



Life flow of each person sometimes is so easy and some maybe hard. They get what they want without getting any difficulties. Mine at first is easy, I wanted to study at boarding school and I've got it even a bit late as 4th intake student but still I am grateful to be offered as a science student. Then I am pursuing studies at my favorite university to learn more about chemistry.

Hence I could've said my life is easy but the journey of my love story are tough. I have been through relationship that takes a lot of tears. 

Once in while I was thinking why this is all happening to me why am I being choose to go through this kind of hardship why I not received any happiness that I want like anyone else did.

Yet, I know Allah plan are way better than mine.
And not always we get what we want. At times I feels that it is the best for me and he should be mine but once Allah said no means there is someone who are better than him that has been waiting for me and all I can do is keep praying and be patient because good things come to those who sab'r.

I will take it as a part of life experiences. He has found his happiness and I'll always pray for him to be happy with his life even its more than word utters. I am not move on or stuck with the past it just that I am devoted  person. When I love, I love with all my heart and when I have no choice but to let it go, my hearts bleeds and it hurts so deep. Can't even describe how painful it was. I don't want to go the same thing anymore. Not anymore. This could be the last. 

I pray that I can keep my love for the one who really deserves it someday. To my husband to be precise. 

To the man whom I will marry one day,
I will keep my love just for you
Hoping that I can love you because of Allah.
Lets find the path in our du'a.

Till next time

-Azni Zuhaini-


  1. Allahuakbar...sabar dik Azni. Kumbang bukan seekor...Life is beautiful...
    One day, you'll find the Mr Right, in sya Allah.

  2. mr right akan datang jgak nanti...

    maybe artikel ni dapat redakan segala kekusuttan yg ada

  3. indeed. Allah plan better. yakin dengan Nya. :)