Monday, October 27, 2014

Melody of Life

Monday, 27 Oct 2014.
12.01 AM

I wrote this while listening to Sam Smith's " Stay With Me ". I'm not quite sure what I feel right now. All I know something is bothering me. Something that I don't know how to interpret it. You know, love can hurt us so bad but it can heal us too. Love can drive us mad and love can drive us crazy but one thing I sure is when we love someone we'll never get tired listening to "I'm sorry" repeatedly. Love is human nature.

I'm not good at expressing love to someone I care but deep down from inside I'm really care. After all, shyness itself is the nature of women and the feel of love comes from Allah SWT because He is the guardian of our heart. Hence, I don't want to destroy this friendship over something I'm not sure.

It is the same feel that come again?
If yes, I pray for Allah to keep this for someone who are truly deserves it.

Until then. Have a good sleep,
-Azni Zuhaini-

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