Saturday, November 1, 2014

Calmness of mind and soul

I guess I have wrote a lot about love lately. Forgive me but I think this is the only place I feel safe expressing what's in my hearts. I rarely share something like this in my social media. I did share but next thing you know I'll delete it. I don't know why. I just feel shy over this matter to share it in public. I guess it explain my personality.

Today everything seems so wrong to me at my work place. I don't have the guts to do anything despite that I have loads of work. Astaghfirullah Al-Azim.

Whenever I have unsettled feeling, rather than prays to Allah SWT I will listen to Prof. Muhaya talks. MasyaAllah. She's one respectful women. Everything she utters just calm my mind and soul. I likes when she's tried to elaborate the point and relates it to science terms. It reach me well. Insha'Allah. 

One things that I can share is Prof. Muhaya always remind that whatever you have, give it to others and Insha'Allah Allah will pay you back. I should be more keen on this. Giving more to others unconditionally and learn to forgive. Forgive everything from the past and people from the past and you will found something from the forgiveness. I'm not a perfect person. I made mistakes. I take these trials as lesson in life as well as wake up call. May Allah ease our journey here.

So, its 1st of November means we are reaching to end of year 2014. I pray for Allah to gives me and you more happiness in the upcoming days. Insha'Allah.
Its already 2.03 AM and I still wide awake. Blame the caffeine. *Cry*

Until next time,
Azni Zuhaini.

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