Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lessons learn

Time flies so fast isn't it ?
Weekend just in a blink and hopefully there's no Monday blues for me tomorrow. Hmm

Well, to share with you something that I learn from what was happened is to always put parent first in whatever decision we are making. In fact, we don't even know how much time we'd spent before they're going to meet The Almighty. Thus, never ever hurt our parent's feeling, if we're happened to please quickly go and ask for forgiveness.

Second, it is crucial to educate our children with religious upbringing and knowledge. After what had happened, this is a big matter for me. I was thinking on how to teach my children later. Don't get me wrong, its not my intention saying that those children doesn't get proper education is bad. But thing is, whatever we taught them that is what they will be. Hence, we should prepare ourselves physically and mentally and it is vital to have a plans with our spouses on how to raise our children.

To sum it up, I prays to Allah SWT for giving me someone who could be 'Walid' to my kids later. Who could advise them whenever they're doing fault, ask them if they seems like having problems with their colleagues or share something like love story with their Walid. All those cheeky cheeky things. Oh, I can't wait to get married ! Haha

 Lets end this post before I'm starts dreaming something. Hehe
Until then.

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